Weishuhn Engineering Services


  • » Remediation – Soil and ground water corrective measures studies and corrective action including mobile dual phase extraction, ground water recovery, aquifer reclamation and land farming.
  • » Site Investigations - Phase I and Phase II Environmental Due Diligence Assessments (EDDA).
  • » Regulatory Permitting & Compliance Permit Completion and Renewals, TPDES, SWPPP, PBR, Monitoring and Reporting, Waste Management, NOR updates.


  • » Site Planning including Parking Lots, Roads, Culverts, Drainage, Ponds and Dams for businesses and ranches.

Public Water Supply

  • » Well Design, Permitting, and Construction Oversight, Tank Coating Standards, and Arsenic Compliance.

Waste Water

  • » Onsite Sewage Treatment Facilities Septic Systems Design, Permit and Install County permitted systems with flows less than 5,000 gallons per day for rural areas including town centralized systems, residences, retreat centers, restaurants and businesses
  • » Wastewater Treatment Systems - State permitted systems with flows greater than 5,000 gallons per day for industrial and municipal clients.